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For any application, product, or campaign, test the functionality of email and SMS features.

With the number one platform for customer communication testing, you can improve quality and increase confidence.


Maintain and improve your product's quality

Automate repetitive tests to increase productivity-

  • Test email and SMS in one place

  • Get precise, detailed results

  • Seamless volume testing

  • Complete peace of mind

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Make sure that the user experience is high-quality right from the start

Improve visibility and collaboration across teams -

  • Preview emails

  • Bring teams together

  • Replicate real-users

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First-time-right software development

The TesterBase tool lets engineering teams concentrate on developing instead of maintaining custom testing tools-

  • Developer Sandboxes

  • Easily test emails and SMS

  • Environment Segregatation


Email campaigns are perfected with this tool by marketing professionals

Giving you peace of mind that your email and SMS campaigns run seamlessly-

  • Preview emails

  • Ensure high-quality content

  • Test tracking

  • Get peace of mind

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